Are you looking for jobs without much investment? Want to make money from the comfort of your home? Searching for other ways to earn some extra money? Then this post is for you. We have compiled 25 free online jobs you can start doing now. Have a look at them and pick a job which suits you the best!

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Earn money by creating a blog

All of us must be passionate about something. If you are passionate about a thing, then create a blog about it. In the blog, share your views, experience and information about your passion. The beauty is that you can create a blog about anything. There is no restriction. But you have to keep it interesting. This will attract more viewers to your blog. You can use this to your advantage by selling space in your blog for advertisements. Nowadays creating a blog is very easy and can use without spending any money.

Apart from earning through advertisements, you can also get money through affiliate marketing. If you make some products of your own, then you can use your blog as a platform to sell them. That is why it is one of the best free online jobs.

Get money by clicking ads

This is suitable for you if you are a beginner. All you have to do is register yourself with some sites which will pay you to click on ads. Make sure these sites are genuine. You will have to log in daily to view the ads and make money. You can’t expect much money from this, but it is good as an extra income.

Earn money by reading articles

If you love reading articles online, why not make some money out of it? There are some sites that offer you money to read the articles published by them. In your free time, you can visit these websites and read their posts. This way you will make money even when you are relaxing.

Get paid to solve Captcha

If you have a computer with you, then this online job is right for you. There are some sites like Captcha2cash which will pay you money to enter Captcha. You will need a good typing speed since you have to solve a lot of Captcha for earning a specific amount.

Write contents and make money

Are you a wizard in writing? For those guys with special talent in writing a great essay,

Content writing is the way to go. You can earn reasonable amount through online content writing. If you write impressive contents, you can earn more money. All you have to do is register yourself with some sites like Fiverr. You can find content writing jobs in these sites and get paid for your work. Continue reading this post to know more about free online jobs.

Teaching online

Having in depth knowledge in a subject is the only requirement that you need for this job. If you have expertise in a field, don’t let it go to waste. Many students look for online classes nowadays. Take online classes and make money out of your knowledge. Sites like “Tutor India” can help you get paid by taking classes. You can also act as a consultant for sites that require subject matter experts.

Get paid through affiliate marketing

This is a great method to earn money online. Many bloggers earn income through affiliate marketing. If you have a blog, then you just have to sign up for an affiliate account with brands like Flipkart, Amazon etc. By doing this, you will be promoting their products on your site. If someone buys those products through your site, you will be paid some amount as commission.

Take part in surveys and earn income

You can take part in surveys conducted by companies online and earn some money. Many brands conduct online surveys to know what people think of their products. They also use these surveys to enhance their products and increase sales. A lot of money is said to be spent on this research.

There is no need for investing any money. You just need to spend some time to complete the surveys. You just have to register yourself with genuine websites. If you are eligible based on the details in your profile to take part in a survey, you will be notified through your email. You get pay per survey. The amount may vary depending upon the survey.

Becoming an online consultant

If you have profound knowledge in an area, then you can become an online consultant. Many people don’t have the time to have a consultation face to face with a person. If you give them a consultation online, they are ready to pay you. Use this opportunity and make money from it. Just write about what service you can provide in your social media accounts. Provide details on how to contact you if they want your service. That’s it!

Do micro jobs and get paid

Micro jobs are jobs which are available in the internet which require only short time. You have to spend only a couple of minutes to complete the job. Upon completion, you get pay a certain amount via PayPal account or other similar accounts. You will be required to take part in some exams after registering in some sites which offer these jobs. Some sites which are helpful in this area are Microworkers, MTurk in Amazon.

Earn income through data entry jobs online

There are numerous websites that offer data entry jobs. It is the easiest one in the long list of free online jobs. Register with these websites and get paid for doing data entry work. This is easy if you have good typing skills. The work will be easy like filling the forms or gathering information about a topic. Be aware of fraudulent sites which ask you to pay money for registering.

Get paid for your pictures

Many of us like taking pictures. All of us are equipped with smart phones that can take pictures of high quality. Take pictures of nature, animals and other things and sell it online. This way you can get paid for your creativity. Many websites like Fotolia, Shutterstock are ready to pay you if you provide them quality photos.

Doing transcription jobs

This job requires a particular skill set. You should have good listening skills and writing skills. This transcription job entails you to translate audio or video recording into text form. You should have good typing speed too in order earn good money. If you are confident about your skills, go for this job.


With this job, you just have to complete few tasks like surveys, take part in polls etc. Simply go to Swagbucks and register yourself in it. The registration is completely free of charge. You can even get a 10% commission by referring other people to Swagbucks.

Get paid for typing online

Online typing requires good typing speed. If you have that particular skill, you can earn decent money from this job. But you have to keep in mind that there are many scam sites. Search for a genuine one and start typing today to get pay. You will be asked to type in notepad from a scanned copy. The job is simple and straight forward.

Playing games

Want to make money through a fun filled way? Earn income by playing games online. There are many games that are launched nowadays. There is a big competition between the companies. They want to research about how their newly launched games are working. You can register in certain sites like Neobux, Gamesville. These sites will pay you for playing the games and testing it out.

Get paid through Traffic Exchange

This is another popular one among the free online jobs. The concept behind this job is simple. You have to visit some amount of websites through sites like Easyhits4U. In exchange your site will show to the same number of people. You will get paid for each page you view and each person you refer. You will even get a 40% commission, if your first level referrals purchase something.

Google AdSense

If you have a blog or website, then this is a great choice to earn extra income. You can start by joining a Google AdSense account for free. You will get a unique code which must paste in your website page or blog. That is it. If you have more traffic in your site, more people will look at the ads. You will get pay through cost per click.

Selling courses

Free online jobs need only your talent. It does not need anything else. If you are talented in a specific field, you can design a course yourself. All you need are some basic equipment like laptop, camera for recording etc. You can sell these online in sites like Udemy, SkillShare. You will earn money whenever someone selects your course. Just give quality content to the people.

Sponsored posts

When you have a blog and your traffic is high, you can earn money in a lot of ways. For example, you can get some extra money through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are posts of other companies that you can publish in your blog or website. It is a tactic utilize for promoting their business. You will get pay for publishing their posts. You can try out sites like payperpost.com.

Posting in forums

Who said free online jobs are difficult? Posting in forums is a fun filled job especially if you like conversing with other people. The concept is that a forum has to look busy and popular to gain more visitors. For that to happen, the webmasters will pay you to keep the forum busy. You just have to start a conversation or continue the pre existing ones. If you can make it interesting, then you can earn money well. You can find such jobs in sites like Upwork.com and Fiverr.com.

Domain Names

It is an age old concept where you buy a thing for a low price and sell it at a higher rate. This job involves the same concept. But here you are going to buy and sell domain names. You just have to search for a domain name which is either a great keyword or appealing. Buy that particular keyword at a cheap price. Make profit by selling it at a higher cost. There are many domain sellers from where you can buy it. You can sell it by advertising in sites like namepro.com, flippa.com etc.

Writing eBooks for others

If you are good at researching and writing creatively, then this is the best job for you. Some people don’t have the ability to write well but want to publish ebooks. You can hire by these people by registering yourself in sites like Guru.com. You get pay according to the quality of your written content. Showcase some samples in the sites to let them know about your writing skill.

Outsourcing online

If you are good at coordinating and managing people, then this is for you. First search what kind of jobs businesses want to hire people for. Then look out for people with those skills. Form a group and launch a website. Through this site, contact the businesses and inform them about the services you can render. You can set your own price to make a profit.

Translating services

Nowadays there is a great demand for translators. If you have knowledge in any other language, then you can offer your service. Many sites provide translating jobs and you can visit them if you like translating. You can earn more money, if the language you know is high in demand.

Hope you guys liked our post about the online jobs which are available for free!

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