Flower Rangoli design collection for 2020


Flower Rangoli: Rangoli word is derived from Sanskrit word rangavalli. It fails the painting and sculpture and other modern art. It is auspicious and necessity of every ritual in India because people may have changed their clothing and become modern and adopts a different look. However, traditions is tradition, no one can replace it. Like this, flower rangoli is a part of a house on every occasion and especially women make it.

The usual way of making rangoli is with rice flour, turmeric, Vermillion, and synthetic colours but flowers rangoli is the latest trend in 2020. Here you can see the latest and easy design of flower rangoli. These are so easy and simple that everyone can make it.

Rangoli with flowers and leaves

flower rangoli
flower rangoli

The main aim of making flower rangoli in 2020 is beautifying the arena and attainment of auspiciousness. The form of design, in which rangoli is drawn are symbolic and creative. Moreover, curves add more beauty than the straight line. Here is list the flower rangoli that are made with flower petals, grass, and leaves. Usually, this organic rangoli is made when there is a family function, a welcome party, and auspicious event like marriages.

Simple flower rangoli

Simple flower rangoli
Simple flower rangoli

Here are the images of rangoli that are so simple to make. These are circular, semicircular, square, and hexagonal in shape. You can draw flower rangoli in front of the entrance door, at the corner of the house, at the temple. Usually, women draw rangoli and Tamil Nadu women are so expert that they do not require thread, ruler, brush, and shaper to draw these designs. They freely use their finger to create shapes and designs.

Flower rangoli design for 2020 competitions

Flower rangoli design for 2020

Competitions have much demand and winning the competition is everyone’s dream. Making flower rangoli is the best choice because; flower petals, buds, leaves, and grass add extra colour to rangoli. You can either make base design and fill the flower or draw the flower with colour contrast. The common thing in these designs is they are geometrical in shape, mostly in circular and square.

Flower rangoli design for 2020 Diwali

flower rangoli
flower rangoli

Flowers always add beauty to the things either it is a wall hanging, door hanging, or as flower rangoli. The different colour flower is used to please Goddess Laxmi. She loves lotus flower that is why on Diwali, many people make lotus rangoli or use lotus flower to make rangoli. It keeps the bad omen away from the house and brings happiness and prosperity. When the flower rangoli is drawn, place the earth lamp at the border of the design and at the center and welcome Goddess Laxmi at your house.

Flower design rangoli for 2020

Flower rangoli
Flower rangoli

Flower rangoli does not always require flowers to make a design, but you can also use colours to make flowers. Just like bright colours of the flower, you can use yellow, green, orange, blue colours. It will resemble the original flower and will look beautiful at your door entrance.

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