best hotel management courses

After completed your schoolings, it is quite normal to have confusion about your future studies. At that time You will have so many queries running into your mind like

Are you waiting for 12th standard result?? Do you have confusion in selecting the best career?? Are you panic about  Professional courses like Engine

ring, Medicine, Law….. Which course will fulfill your need and dream? Don’t worry!!! Just read this article which helps your mind to feel free from stress.

best hotel management courses

In recent times, Hotel Management plays an equal role with Engineering and other professional courses. There are lot of job opportunities you can see anywhere in the world.  The Hotel Management colleges provide thorough knowledge and training for vigorous, passionate students who wanted to achieve their goals. The student has to develop good communication skill. He/She must impress the guest through humble gestures and active work.

Generally, Students who prefer hotel management courses practice job offers in the hospitality sector and tourism management. Among all students few of the work as managers, administrators, overseers etc . The center of attention of these classes is on average associated to managerial strategies. Almost, the hotel management curriculum covers catering, tourism, hospitality, front office management, restaurant management and so on.

Why to study Hotel Management?

To study Hotel Management courses, the main requirement is to get energetic and active students. They should be enthusiastic, must possess leadership quality, voluntarily participate in all activities. In order to study hospitality management, you necessitate to be sociable, like to have good relationship with populace. The main aspect is to give up your valuable time to build up a occupation and  be ready to provide service so that you can capable to work with lineups. Once the student completes the course, he/she will get position as front office manager, hotel manager, restaurant and food service manager, beverage and food manager, room service manager, administrator, supervisor, chef, event manager, house keeping manager and likes. Moreover, there are so many interesting reasons for selecting Hotel Management course like

High Chance to implement Creative Ideas

One of the well-known course where you can come out with so many creative ideas. It will attract large number of customers. The hospitality sector is acknowledged for its resourcefulness while offering different cuisine to its customers. It can be done in many ways like inviting guests, arranging rooms, offering tasty foods, decorations, hospitality gestures etc.  The student can carry out all these activities with utmost creative way.

Gain Exposure through  Workshops

The Most effective way of understanding about hospitality management is through Seminars, On-Roll training. At frequent intervals, few start hotels like Taj involve in conducting seminars, management training sessions. The main aspect is to give awareness about the ideal way of management course and job training know-how. Once completing the session, they enter into next higher level.

Enjoy Techie World through Social Media

By means of technological advances and Internet, It is so simple to understand about global trend. Especially in Hotel Management, You can get idea of best tourism places, different cultures, different people and their needs etc.

Earn High Remuneration

As like other professions, here also you can expect high remuneration. The students have to work with high dedication, discipline and aim oriented. What’s more, you need to give full fledged services like  front office, conference halls, counseling/legal services, and  arranging for get-together. If it meets with high standards, then the concerned person will get attractive pay. Most of the entrepreneurs in Hotel Management encourage their employees to attain their goals.

Work across the world

When we talk about Hotel Management course, it does not fit in to any geographical boundaries. They can work across different countries. The students get high exposure over different people, their cultures, their expectations etc.

Best Hotel Management Courses

Usually we all have a doubt that….Is there any specified course to work with star hotels?  Yes! It is Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Moreover, in the current era, we can see the fastest growth in  hotel management industry. A lot of employment opportunities  are introduced by hotel management in recent years. Both International and Indian food chains offer different jobs to many aspirants. In India, it has more than 750 institutions who involve in hospitality management. Not only that, they also offer unified subjects like different cuisine, cookery expertise, tourism etc.

The benefits of taking a Course in Hotel Management are extremely valuable. Students often receive a lot of on-the-job training so they are more qualified after they graduate. Also, there are multiple management classes available, allowing students to gain in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry. Many students find these classes to be exciting, enriching and rewarding.

To construct a career expectations in Hotel Management, the students must hunt a course from well known institutions. The motivated aspirants get the opportunities to grab the UG as well as PG courses from the reputed institutions. There are some colleges who offer basic hotel management curriculum  related to front office management, cookery, food and beverages etc. But there are some well reputed institutions who concentrate to take aspirants for next higher level in hospitality. Their curriculum covers tourism management, hospitality management as PG courses.

The well trained candidates get profitable pay, good position as well as hi-tech lifestyle. In view of the fact that well-known hotels are intensifying their charisma all over the world. Hence, as a hotel management student you will definitely enjoy the career growth . The different UG( Under graduates) and PG(Post Graduates) hotel management courses are

Under Graduate Courses Post Graduate Courses
Bachelor of Hotel Management Master of Hotel Management


B.B.A in Hotel Management MBA in Hotel Management


BA in culinary Arts Master in Tourism and Hotel Management
B.Sc in hotel and catering management M.Sc Tourism and Hospitality Management
BBA in hospitality, Tourism, and travel MBA Hospitality
Diploma in hotel management M.Sc Advanced Food Safety
Diploma in hotel management and catering technology M.Sc Hotel and Food Services Management


Courses and Its Duration

1.BHM- Under graduate course for 4 years. The student should write 8 semesters say both theory and practical.

2.B.Sc in Hotel amd Catering Techonlogy- Under Graduate course for 3 Years include both theory as well as practical classes.

3.BBA- Under graduate course for 3 years with hotel management specialization . In the final year, the students go through complete curriculum of hotel and tourism management.

  1. All Master degree- Post Graduate course for 2 Years and Project work.

Certification Courses:

The candidates can do so many diploma courses in hotel management. By doing so, they will get certifications and they can hunt jobs in relevant field. Some certificate courses are diploma in hotel management and catering technology, certificate course in maritime, diploma in housekeeping, diploma in hospitality management,  diploma in aviation hospitality and travel management etc.

Top Institutions offer Hotel Management course

International Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata

  • Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management
  • PCTE institute of Hotel Management
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Chennai
  • Swiss Asian school of Hotel Management, Ooty
  • Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bangalore.

Many Institutions arrange  job placements for excellent students during the course time itself. They invite top recruiters to their colleges and give appointment to best aspirants in well reputed hotels. Here I would like to quote some top recruiters who offer jobs for qualified students. They are ITC hotels, Oberoi Hotels, Hilton Worldwide, Taj group of hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, Marriott Internationals etc.Therefore, the hotel Industry has make out a radical transformation over a period of time. Why so? Because of Global leaders we can see everywhere.

All are aiming to get jobs in well reputed institutions. Irrespective of their qualification, personal interest, they want to enjoy hi-tech lives. Whether they are engineers, doctors, business administrators etc, they want to lead a luxury life.

Advantages of Hotel Management Course

Last but not least in Hotel Management field, the people aspire to get job. Because nowadays the mindset of people change to spend money more on hotel industries. However, the world become so small because of Internet where you can meet new people., chance to learn up-to-date customers trend,  attractive remuneration, get high chance for personality development, can pick desired department like front office, hospitality, cooking and so on, enjoy constant stability and growth, chance to meet V.I.Ps, wide job opportunities.

Whenever we talk about advantages, there are lot of disadvantages also in the hotel industry like one has to work for long hours (24/7),  have equal proportion to economic development. If the country face economic slow down then it directly affects hotel industry. One cannot expect high salary at the starting stage of career. Sometimes, it may be tough to meet clients requirements. You need to be patience all the time and more responsible too.

So, I hope that this article helps you all in a right way about different hotel management courses. Hotel Management courses is quite in demand in recent periods. As equal to any other professional courses, it is one of the best career with innumerous job opportunities.

Why are you wasting time?? Hurry up to get seat in good institution and grab your career!!

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