Animal rangoli for the latest trend in design for 2020


animal rangoli: Rangoli is the best creative art and collection of patterns made on the festivals and special occasions. It is an ancient art in which different shapes are made like flower, leafs, animals, circle, peacock etc. At that time, animal rangoli was made because it was the live proof of living being. People used to draw animal pattern on the walls instead of on the floors.

Here are images of some animal rangoli for 2020. In these designs, you can see the pet animals like dogs, cats, rat, horse, rabbit, etc and some wild animal like elephant, tiger, deer, etc.

Why animal rangoli design?

animal rangoli
animal rangoli

From Stone Age, people wear animal skin to cover their body and they used to worship 4 legged animals. It is believed that every living being is a form of god. They admire these animals with animal rangoli and give them importance in their life.

In 2018, there are many pet lovers, who love to draw dog, cat, and other animals shape. However, drawing these pets in an animal rangoli requires great practice. First you need to draw the base of the design with white colour then create the boundaries. Fill the colour in these boundaries to create the animal rangoli.

Here is an elephant rangoli combined with the lotus flower and green leafs.  The elephant is in 4 directions in a square so as lotus. This is simple elephant and lotus rangoli but it looks beautiful after the colour is filled. Yellow and brown body of an elephant with the blue clothes on it with small design on it, this design will look more beautiful when green and red colours are used.

Rangoli design 2020

animal rangoli
animal rangoli

Elephant is worship in some places; hence four elephant animal rangoli is made in most of the regions. The correct contrast of colours makes it more beautiful. Yellow, blue, green, red, and white colours are used to make rangoli.

Rat is a Ganesh jis ride, hence people also make rat in rangoli to please Lord Ganesh. Most of the time white rat is drawn with green as a contrast colour. For latest designs, you can add umbrella, lamp and flower to the design.

Animal rangoli design collection

animal rangoli
animal rangoli






There is huge collection of animal rangoli in 2018. Here is the design with huge clarity, there is a deer in the rangoli, drawn between the green trees and flowers. It looks like landscape. Lady with deer, two loving dogs, bulls for special occasion of farming, tiger for bravery is drawn. It is not just an animal rangoli but a meaning of some occasion. People either use power colour to make this rangoli just draw dots on the ground and later add the dots to make the rangoli.

Animal Kolam design with dots

Animal Kolam design with dots
Animal Kolam design with dots






In Sankranti, bull shaped animal rangoli is made for celebration. These designs are more like geometric figure rather than curved artistic design. It is easy to draw and any beginner can draw it too.

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