2020 is just about to come at our doors. Are you ready to welcome 2020? But have you thought how would you welcome New Year?  It is one of most celebrated carnival across the world. People not just celebrate it with enthusiasm but they also love to share their joy along with everyone. Well, there is a lot to do on this evening besides party and calling each other. Even most of the people would be looking to share 2020 Happy New Year status video through statuses as well.

Download New Year status videos

Are you done with your new dress? Have you bought chocolates? And are you ready with your guest list? You might be ready with everything but have you ever thought about downloading New Year status video for your entire friend list on Whatsapp. Logically it is not possible you wish each and everyone via message or over phone call. You cannot wish them even after meeting to them. But you can do one thing to avoid any confusion and add happiness and wishes to your entire list just download videos and put that into status. In fact, this is one of easiest way of wishing everyone. Today along with technology everything is easy.

Variety of New Year wishes

Variety is the demand of the time that is why even videos are available in diversity. You will encounter many of people just post one 2020 Happy New Year status video or images and that is how they wish to everyone. Sometimes people confuses with the fact that they can only have images in variety, but videos too are available in all types of designs or animations.

Importance of whatsapp status

January is one of important month in the calendar of the festival because this is not just a beginning month of the year. But this month brings so many things along with itself such as happiness and blessings of your dear ones.  It often happens with people sometimes they just take New Year as New Year. They could not understand importance of these carnivals and blessings. Because New Year is never about just partying whole day in fact it is more than that. This is one of single carnival which let people enjoy moment at best by filling hearts with blessings and joy.

Post awesome free video status

You can collect animated 2020 Happy New Year status video with awesome music in the background where your wishes will be just the way you want them to be. Wish them a life full of joy and let them know you are not just wishing them. In fact, you mean each and every word of the video. Life is full of song and dance only if you are ready to accept it. It means we have everything present in from of us, at first we will have to decide we are ready to accept it or not. Blessings are one such thing when you bless or wish someone with words if they will not be ready then. You cannot make them understand. That is the importance of New Year wishes even it is via videos or images.

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