St Valentine’s Day is yearly carnival for celebrating romantic love, friendship and every relationship in your life which you admire the most. So this day is being celebrated as one of most special day of the year because many people get love on this day and many find prayer to their answers. It may be ordinary number but this day is of course not ordinary in anyone’s calendar. Since, the day has been celebrated as one of most precious day in the calendar of everyone but according to myths. There are some few pieces of stories which everyone believes. According to story, the carnival is for the celebration of two early saints named as, Valentinus!  Whatever may be the reality, but this day has given a lot to many. Also, the sharing of Valentines whatsapp video status has become common in recent days.

Significance of video status

Well, any Valentines whatsapp video status keeps special importance in everyone’s life whether it is simple or full of love. If you have not prepared anything for this day, you must prepare because the day is full of love. Why this day becomes so much important in the list of many. There are times when people cannot express themselves eveytime, they cannot speak a single words. In those moments of despair, the valentine day is best opportunity to express yourself. You can do it without help of verbal words; you can just make a video status with full of love and confession. Your half work will be done.

Some people even believe those who believe in the stories of Saint Valentine that this day is emblem of preserving what Saint Valentine has left behind. But if you follow Radanath swami, you will understand meaningful meaning of the day. He tells, when he was at his youth, he never knew Valentine day as only Valentine day. He knew this day as Saint Valentine’s Day. They were two monks who were on the path of celibacy and always preached about God consciousness. But they did not sent message full of love, they sent message of god. So this is how the love circle started from their preaching and messages. At that time preaching was a crime but he did it. Well, this story shows messages should not just be message. It should be full of blessings and love.

Show them special Valentines whatsapp video status

The other good aspect can be noticed as people today have got so much busy. They do not get time and Valentine day is such kind of carnival even if people are busy. People try to find out time and they express themselves. So even life is going busy, you must find out time and enjoys life from different angle. Sometimes we miss it, so if you do not want to miss. You have number of all your friends, lover, and family. Call them and tell them you really love them and you mean every word which you say. The other thing is that say what you mean not what your heart want to say. If sending show Valentines whatsapp video status, let them know why you have sent them a special message and enjoy this carnival along with them.

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