myfirstpremiercard payment

If you are also one of those willing to repair your credit score because of any sort of blemish in your credit report then the first premier bank provides you and amazing method that can help you a lot in rebuilding a good credit history. Yes, the first premier bank card or myfirstpremiercard is an amazing credit card that is basically designed for all those who are having less than perfect credit score.

myfirstpremiercard payment

This first premier provides several amazing ways that makes the credit card payment of yours so that you will be able to choose that which method is actually amazing for you. The premier credit card payment options include several factors like making payment online, by phone, by mail, by cash, through a wire transfer or by using the single bill pay through your bank account.

Making myfirstpremiercard payments online

It totally depends upon you, but still you can use your personal checking account for making the payments online just by visiting the “my previous credit card.com”. First of all, it is important for you to sign up to your account with the help of your username and password and then enter your bank details along with the bank routing number and then your checking account number to have your payment debited from your account. The first premium bank charges no fees for making the online payments from your account.

You can also pay through first premium online with the help of western union speed payment system. It is also an amazing method that works for the premium bank. Visit the site and then click on the payment option given in the menu tab. The menu tab will be available at the top of the page. Within seconds, you will be redirected towards a page asking you to choose the payments on the website option. You need to click the link for the western union speedpay and then you need to follow the steps for making out the payment. For using the service, it is important for you to pay the charge of 3.25 dollars.

It is also important for you to determine the payments that you will back before 5 p.m. CT on monday through friday will be post after the midnight the day you are making the payment. Additionally, the payments that you make after 5:00 p.m. CT on sunday through thursday or the day that is on holiday then it will post after midnight of the following day. Lastly, the payments that you make between 5:00 p.m. CT on friday through 5:00 p.m. CT on sunday will be post after midnight on sunday as well.

Willing to make myfirstpremiercard payments by phone?

If you want to make the payment by phone using personal checking accounts then you need to call the first premium bank number OR Myfirstpremiercard number that is 1800 9875 521. You can also complete this through your debit card. All you need to have your debit card number and your credit card number handy before dying the given contact. For completing the payment you need to follow the instructions given on call.

Making the payment through mail

First of all you need to send your check or money order through us postal mail to the first previous bank. While delivering, you must allow 5 to 7 days to complete. In case your Myfirstpremiercard payment due date falls just before the postal mail payment date then you can also send out the payments through express mail or other courier service. Delivery time and the costs will depend upon the carrier.

Make myfirstpremiercard payments with cash

You are highly free to make cash payments at more than 100000 locations including wall mode. You can easily call 1888 818 7127 and enter your zip code for finding out the nearest payment locations. Additionally you can also take help of moneygram for making the payments. Apart from this, you can make western union payment by visiting the site and completing the procedure. It is important for you to determine that the fees will vary depending upon several factors.

Making myfirstpremiercard payments by wire transfer

Your bank can easily wire your credit card payment through the first payments bank routing number. However, you will be charged dollar 5 as the processing fees. Apart from this, your bank may also charge an additional fee for the same.

Make your myfirstpremiercard payment through bill pay

If your bank is providing the bill pay service then you need to send your payment to the first premium bank at the address by entering your 16 digit credit card number in the account number filed. Bill payments post within 3 business days.

This is all about the payments options you are having with the Myfirstpremiercard.

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