how to join zomato delivery boy with requirements

It’s been very much simple and easy for the people to get their food wherever they want. There are many online apps available for the people to order their food which are directly delivered to their doorstep. Even many of the apps have special offers and options for the attraction from the people to use theirs. In India, most of the people use swiggy, zomato, food pandas and so on. As these are the usable ones with easy options in it. Even there are jobs available for the people to do as part time or full time workers as delivery boys. Eventually, as the question rises in everyone’s mind “how to join zomato delivery boy?” and its process. There are certain things needed for the people to know before joining as a delivery boy in zomato.

Zomato is one of the top most used online aggregators and also has many options available for the people to make easy access for food habits. Many of the graduates and students are interested in earning more money to lead their lifestyle in a better way. In this case, the zomato company has started its branch all over india for the people to fetch their food and give jobs for people according to their comfort zone. There are some benefits available for the people to make use of it. Also the salary and incentives are quite good compared to other jobs available for the graduates.

Why to choose as a delivery boy in zomato?

There are many certain situations where we are pushed towards a job which is not suitable. Delivery boy jobs may look very easy for the person from our side, but there are factors which make them feel low from us. As a delivery boy, you need to be more patient and polite towards your customers to whom the parcel needs to be delivered and also have a smiling face. Quietly looking into the working atmosphere as a delivery boy in zomato, you can list up the features mentioned below. Here, many types of people are working and there are some credits awarded to the persons for their extra efforts. For the question “how to join zomato delivery boy?” let’s have a look at the answer.

How to join zomato delivery boy role?

Here are list of steps for the people who are in doubt for the step process for joining in the zomato delivery boy role. Also the specifications and requirements needed for the role is also clearly mentioned for the job seekers. The points are,

  • You can directly apply in the zomato center available in nearby places around your area. As the headquarters are available all over the places.
  • By attending the interview, you will be selected for the post of delivery boy and give a place for the job to be done.
  • Then give the required ID proofs to the office head, where you will be provided with an app for the tracking of the orders to be delivered.
  • Also, the initial pay amount needs to be paid for the bag and t-shirts of zomato. You can make use of the online sites for knowing more details about the job description.

Required ID proofs and details for the zomato delivery job

The following list consists of the Id proofs for the delivery job. Even many people come with the question like “how to join zomato delivery boy?”before getting into the zomato company. Some of the important documents and proofs are,

  • Adhar Card (Important ID proof)
  • PAN Card
  • Bike RC
  • Cancellation Cheque
  • Driving license
  • Bank Passbook (For Salary credit and other transaction details)

Apart from these things, there are also some of the extra attachments need for the job to be done. The extra things are Two wheelers as the food is need to be deliver at the correct time to the correct person. Also you can make use of the bicycle, but the major is that, you need to get a two wheeler for food delivery. Android phone with a good stable internet connection. The app installed in the phone

Qualification, Age & Salary Details 

As you have seen requirements and other details related to the question “how to join zomato delivery boy?” and so on. Now let’s have a look at the qualification needed for the delivery boy and details required for the joining process.


Minimum qualification of 12th standard


You should be 18+ years for joining as a zomato delivery boy. As the work involves the driving license for the person to drive two wheeler.


Minimum wage of Rs.15, 000/- to Maximum of Rs.29, 100/-

Bottom line 

As finally we have come to the end of the article by knowing the answer for the question “how to join zomato delivery boy?” and its requirements. Make use of the opportunity to establish your things for the joining as delivery boy. Also, remember that being a delivery boy is not a simple one. There are many difficulties for the persons who are working in various sectors. I hope the article has given many answers needed for your doubts. Above all, being a Delivery boy is a perfect place instead of being a jobless one. So try to get the opportunities if it knocks your door at once.

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