This article is for the people who are looking for the Arunachal teer result. This is a lottery game which is like a gamble for players and is totally dependent on their luck.

The lottery game includes drawing of number at random for winning the price.

Details of Arunachal Teer Game

In Arunachal state the Teer lottery is very popular betting game. The game is held in two parts. First round at 5.30 PM and the second one at 6.30 PM every day.

So, those who are participating in this game just need to check their results after buying the lottery ticket. nothing else needs to be done.

However, you should be aware of previous results, Arunachal Teer common number, Arunachal Teer target Number and Teer counter details.

What are target numbers for Arunachal Teer Game?

This section will highlight information about Arunachal Teer target numbers. So, those who are searching for target numbers or common numbers can continue reading this.

Arunachal Teer is a famous game all across the country. It is like a golden chance for Teer players to verify their lucky number.

Arunachal Teer lottery game has gained lots of popularity not only in Arunachal Pradesh, but also in India.

Because of this, the game has become the most attractive lottery game after Satta Matka Game Ban in India.

If you are willing to win enormous amount in the Arunachal Teer betting game you must check the common number list given in below table.

Arunachal Teer Common Numbers 26.05.2022
Direct House Ending
25 5 2
21 8 1


How Arunachal Teer gambling game is played?

Playing the game to get best result is quite easy and simple. Firstly, the game is played in Arunachal Pradesh. The interesting fact is that the playing technique of all the three counters is similar ad you can bid the money on any number starting from 0 to 99.

You can check results published on the official website at 5.45 PM and 6.45 PM respectively.

With the help of winning numbers, you can cleverly bet in the lottery game of Arunachal Teer.

You can also be the part of various social media groups like Facebook group, Telegram channel and WhatsApp group to forecast the lucky winning number for each day.

Official website of Arunachal Teer

You should always check Arunachal teer result from the official website i.e.,https://arunchalteer.in

This is basically a lottery game which is owned and conducted by the state based on the traditional archery game.

These types of lotteries are very famous and common in North-Eastern states of India like Meghalaya, Shillong etc. You will find almost every state has these kind of lottery games.

How results for Arunachal Teer game are announced?

The Arunachal Teer game is played every day and the Arunachal teer result are announced immediately.

Every day two rounds are conducted and after publishing the result of first round, the second round will start.

The gambling game is totally based on the traditional game of archery where players need to guess a random number of the arrow which will hit a specific target.

How to check result of Arunachal Teer game?

To check the results of Arunachal Teer gambling game follow below steps.

  1. Go to the official website i.e.,https://arunchalteer.in
  2. You will see the results of the game are displayed on the screen. From there you can patch the number with the lottery ticket.

How does the Arunachal Teer Game work?

It is an archery game where the participant has to guess the last two digits from the total number of arrows hitting the target.

Example –If a total of 1768 arrows hit the target successfully, then the participant who has guessed number 68 will be declared as the winner.

So, the game is only based on the calculated guess and your lots of good luck. As without these two things you may not be able to win the game.

The game is conducted every day and the game is usually played in an open ground with a group of archers.

Every day only two rounds are played so you have only two chances to win the game daily.

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How to participate in the Arunachal Teer Game?

To participate in the Arunachal Teer game for you need to buy the lottery ticket from an authorized seller.

Then you need to wait until the two rounds of the Arunachal teer game are over.

Once results for both rounds are announced you can collect your reward, if you are a winner.

However, keep in mind, winning Arunachal Teer game require lots of lick as the number of arrows hitting the target are random.


  1. What is Arunachal Teer?

Arunachal Teer is a traditional archery game where people try to win prize based on their luck.

  1. How many rounds of Arunachal Teer game are played?

Only two rounds of the game are played in the evening.

  1. At what time the results for Arunachal Teer are announced?

First result is announced at 5.45 PM and the second result is announced at 6.45 PM.

  1. How you can participate in the Arunachal Teer game?

To play the game you need to buy a lottery ticket from an authorized seller only.

  1. Is the game of Arunachal Teer conducting every day?

Except national holidays, the game is played every day.

  1. Is Arunachal Teer gambling game legal?

Yes, it is a legal game played in Arunachal Pradesh.

  1. What is the official site of Arunachal Teer?

The official site is https://arunchalteer.in

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